We are a team of Venezuelan professionals devoted to maritime law & commercial business since 2007. We provide solid, reliable legal and operational counseling to clients and bodies within the Maritime (Admiralty) and Commercial sectors both domestically and worldwide while helping disseminate the maritime and commercial sector in Venezuela.


Out team of maritime law specialists work resolutely to provide the highest quality services when guiding and assisting those who require our counseling; in turn, they devoted themselves to sharing their expertise and knowledge and give rise to new professionals wanting to join the field.

SOV Consultores - Derecho Marítimo Venezuela


Our professional staff is prepared to provide counseling on a wide range of legal and commercial matters on maritime law cases entrusted by our clients

iconNegotiation and claims arising out of charterparties and bills of lading.

iconInternational sale contracts in compliance with international terms and requirements.

iconPreventive seizure of vessels.

iconProhibitive measures of sailing.

iconClaims arising out of hull & cargo maritime insurance policies.

iconClaims arising out of salvage, gross average and towage.

iconFlagging of vessels.

iconAdvice on claims arising out of collisions.

iconShip mortgage.

iconOil & gas contracts.

iconRegistration of companies at INEA.

iconRepresentation of shipowners or charterers, shipping agents and port operators in administrative and judicial procedures.



Automation for the Maritime Industry

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Automation for the Maritime Industry By: Gerardo Javier Ponce Reyes[1] Introduction Throughout history, mankind has witnessed the continuous evolutionary processes of maritime transport as one of the main foundations for the development of peoples [...]

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Maritime Cybersecurity by: Gustavo García[1]* Summary I. Introduction. II. Definition and importance of Maritime Cybersecurity III. Scope and types of common threats/methods. IV. Organizations related to the subject. V. Brief review of cyberattacks [...]


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