Automation for the Maritime Industry


Automation for the Maritime Industry By: Gerardo Javier Ponce Reyes[1] Introduction Throughout history, mankind has witnessed the continuous evolutionary processes of maritime transport as one of the main foundations for the development of peoples around the world in term of commercial exchange of goods. It constitutes a means allowing the interconnection of countries worldwide; [...]

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Maritime Cybersecurity


Maritime Cybersecurity by: Gustavo García[1]* Summary I. Introduction. II. Definition and importance of Maritime Cybersecurity III. Scope and types of common threats/methods. IV. Organizations related to the subject. V. Brief review of cyberattacks reported in the maritime sector. VI. Regulation on the matter/The Mayflower Experiment (Artificial Intelligence). VII. Conclusions. Bibliographic References. Keywords: Computer [...]

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Maritime Piracy during the COVID-19 Pandemic


Maritime Piracy during the Covid-19 Pandemic By: Gerardo Javier Ponce Reyes[1] On this occasion, we have decided to talk about a topic of great interest and impact on the maritime sector: maritime piracy in times of the Covid-19. Especially considering that in the case of maritime transport, the International Maritime Organization (IMO)[2] along with [...]

Maritime Piracy during the COVID-19 Pandemic2020-07-30T20:51:32-04:00
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